Response to Coronvirus (COVID-19)
Supplies of Medication

We are actively working with manufacturers, industry partners and government agencies to anticipate shortages and respond to unprecedented demand for certain medications. The situation remains fluid, and we are taking a proactive approach to protect inventory and make sure our provider partners have the supplies and medications they need to treat patients and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

McKesson is the oldest and largest healthcare company in the US, delivering a third of all medications used daily in North America and serving more than 50% of American hospitals and 20% of physicians. We are currently Number 6 on the Fortune 100 list with $208 billion in revenue and over 70,000+ employees worldwide.
McKesson delivers pharmaceutical and medical products and business services to retail pharmacies and institutional providers like hospitals and health systems throughout the world. In Europe, the Celesio / Lloyds Pharmacy networks supply more than 50,000 pharmacies and hospitals every day.
What sets NorthStar Healthcare apart

Helping our healthcare customers achieve better business health by delivering high-quality generic drugs.


Our three strategic pillars

Deliver high quality product

Our quality assurance team upholds NorthStar’s suppliers to the applicable quality and responsible sourcing standards. The quality team ensures that all NorthStar labelled products received by the patient are safe and effective.

Supply chain excellence

Our supply chain team is responsible for maintaining the supply of fully compliant, high-quality products and meeting our target business service levels.

Strong regulatory oversight

Our regulatory team’s responsibility includes label compliance, pharmacovigilance reporting and risk management activities. The scope also requires adherence to regulations set forth in the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, Poison Prevention Act, Trade Agreement Act and Custom and Border Protection rules for all NorthStar products.

Our Office

The difference McKesson makes in one minute

McKesson is the central nervous system of health care. At any given moment, in any given minute, we simultaneously execute thousands of critical operations that improve the businesses of our customers and the lives of their patients.

This is the difference we make in one minute. This is the difference we make every minute.

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